Labor Relations


Carolina Current – From time to time, the union sector of the industry will begin programs which could be costly to open shop employers. Items such as “salting,” “job targeting,” and others require an instant knowledge in order to avoid many costs. CECA develops workshops, seminars and utilizes its Carolina Current newsletter to notify all contractors of these types of union programs and through education teach member firms how to lessen their impact.


CECA  has labor attorneys in North and South Carolina to deal with any labor problems which arise within the industry. The “From the Labor Lawyer” section of the Carolina Current  is another method for keeping open shop contractors aware of all labor related events.


  1. Salting
  2. Job Targeting
  3. Wages
  4. Training
  5. Employer Reports

Union Avoidance – North Carolina & South Carolina is composed largely of employers who choose to be union-free. In order to maintain that posture, each employer must be proficient in his rights as an employer. One of the many services which CECA provides is to assist an employer to stay abreast of all labor laws which affect his business and to implement policies which maintain a productive and congenial work environment. The National Labor Relations Board and its local offices are charged with the responsibility of enforcing labor laws. CECA works with its members to lessen the impact of union or unfair labor practice changes.