Notice– In North Carolina, as of November 1, 2021, commercial, apartments, condominiums and all other structures will be permitted and inspected using the 2020 NEC.  One and two family dwellings and all related structures including swimming pools and solar installations will continue to be inspected using the 2017 NEC. 

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Making Your Electrical Construction Business Better – Together

The Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (CECA) is an association of businesses which perform electrical construction and who work together to make the industry better. When you join CECA, you secure a business partner dedicated to making yours a better business. When you join CECA, you not only enjoy a host of member benefits, we also use many of your dollars to support the electrical industry as a whole – from governmental lobbying to inspiring young people to join the field.


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Education and Training

Code Course

The CECA Code Course has been accredited by the NC Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors (NCBEEC) since 1989.  Thousands of electrical contractors have taken the CECA Code Course over the years.  The CECA Code Course is online or in paper form.  And is also accredited in Virginia and is accepted by letter in Georgia.

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Continuing Education Class

The NC Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors (NCBEEC) requires every electrical licensee to complete half of their continuing education hours in a classroom setting.  Our continuing education class is approved in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and accepted by letter in Georgia.  CECA and our Associate Members also offer periodic classes to keep the CECA Members apprised of pertinent things that impact the business of electrical contracting.

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CECA Events

The Annual CECA Convention

A productive convention will provide attendees with a proper business agenda, a comfortable setting to allow attendees to exchange ideas and sufficient time to do both.  To accomplish this, our convention has events for networking, educational sessions, business meetings as well as time for fun and family activities.  The Silent Auction provides proceeds to CECA’s two funds, which support the electrical industry.

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CECA Golf Tournaments

CECA holds two annual golf tournaments.  A distribution of the proceeds from the tournaments is split between the John Moore Electrical Industry Assistance Fund (offers assistance to individuals and families in the electrical industry in the Carolinas who have experienced a loss, injury, or life changing event) and the Bill Boyette Scholarship Fund (supports electrical apprentice events, contests, high school vocational educational programs, career days, safety events and more.)

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