Thank you to everyone who made the 2013 CECA Spring Golf Tournament a great success - Wednesday May 1st at Rolling Hills Country Club in Monroe, NC

2nd Place - Ken Burke (Mayer), Jeff Hinson (Hinson Electric) and Mike Helms (Hinson Electric) - not shown is Todd Montgomery with Southwire 3rd Place Team - Ron Hinson (Hinson Electric), Phillip Parrish (Adams Electric), David White (Shealy) and Danny Culicerto (EDI-Shealy) - With Hoyt Stephens presenting the award The Winning Team- Terald Shaw with Cooper Crouse Hinds, Cam Hildreth with Graybar, Greg Mullis with Hinson Electric and Ben Burr with Graybar with Hoyt Stephens presenting the award
Closest to the Hole - Scott Sherrill with EDI-Shealy Eddie Stephani with Bodwell & Associates won Closest to the Hole Ben Burr with Graybar won Longest Putt Dustin Hudson with Federated Insurance won Longest Drive
CCam Hildreth with Graybar, Terald Shaw with Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Ben Burr with Graybar and Greg Mullis with Hinson Electric - The Winning Team Tom Collins, Billy Hinson, retired from Starr Electric, Ray Kimball and Mike Helms with Hinson Electric Beth Hargett gave a hole sponsorship in memory of her husband. Phil was a great friend and mentor to many in the electrical industry Tim Costolito with State Electric, Doug Trowell with Fox-Rowden-McBrayer, Bill Feuerstein with State Electric and Bill MacClurg with Legrand Jeff Jackman, Chris Melton, Ron Mounts and Del Clark with SimplexGrinnell
Andy Huffman with LiteSource, Dustin Hall with Graybar, Jack Hargett with Hargett Electric and Robbie Garrison with Graybar Electric Paul McClain, Andrew Belk and Donnie Belk all with E. F. Belk & Son and Scott Sherrill with EDI-Shealy Donnie Aldridge and Doug Blevins with Blackmon Service, David Locke with EGI and Matt Green with EDI-Shealy Mike Shumaker, Craig Rush with Mayer Electric Supply, Donnie Meadows with PowerWorks and Mike Smith with Mayer Electric Supply Scott Poteat with HD Supply Power, Pete Bauer with Eaton Corp., Todd Mehrmann with HD Supply Power and Jay Brackett with Eaton Corp.
Pat Daley with Eaton Corp., David Myers with HD Supply Power and Sean Dutton with HD Supply Power Chad Anderson with Starr Electric, Billy Deloache with Shealy Electrical, David Littlejohn with EDI- Shealy and John Pappas with Starr Electric Ron Hinson with Hinson Electric, Danny Culicerto with EDI-Shealy, Phillip Parrish with Adams Electric and David White with Shealy Electrical Kenny Reid with Howard Brothers, Drew Watson with EDI-Shealy, Mike Brown with Howard Brothers and Jody Brannock with Southwire Rodney McCarter with McCarter Electric, Matt Anderson with Adams Electric, Jonathan Hoyle and Kevin Bowman, both with EDI-Shealy
Scott Hinson with Hinson Electrical of Kannapolis, Eric Little of Graybar, Don Hinson with Hinson Electrical of Kannapolis, and Travis Doak with SL Bagby John Starr with Starr Electric, Phil Campolo with Starr Electric, Al Stewart with Womack and Dennis Norris with Starr Electric Craig Myers with Watson Electrical, Ken McBrayer with Fox-Rowden-McBrayer, Keith Brokke with CED and Tom Pierce with Fox-Rowden-McBrayer Mike Dobbins with Hinson Electric, Jeff Hinson with Hinson Electric, Ken Burke with Mayer Electric Supply and Todd Montgomery with Southwire- 2nd Place Team Eddie DeStephani with Bodwell & Associates, Glenn McCarter with Graybar, Jeff Whitten with Starr Electric and Reed Todd with Square D/ Schneider
Bryan McNeely with Graybar, Kirk Vincent with Vincent-Angel, Doodle Neil with Eldeco and Jack Badgett with Square D/Schneider Mike Elliott, Scott Collins, Jessie Vander Hamm, John Dixon and John Lowe all with National Power Daniel Wine and Chase Barnett with Gaylor, Jeff Ellis with Gexpro and Scott Chepko with Chepko & Associates John Maynard with ERICO, Dustin Hudson with Federated Insurance and Larry Watkins with General Cable