CECA Member Apprentices take TOP 5 Awards at 2010 NC Department of Labor Apprentice Contest

CECA Member Apprentices actually took 7 of the top 10 slots in the 2010 NC Apprentice Contest held at the NC State Fair on October 20, 2010. Congratulations to Watson Electrical Construction Company for winning the contest again this year. Thank you to all of the companies who supported the contest by entering their apprentices in the contest, giving sponsorships, attending the contest, donating items and money.

2nd Place Timothy Herms of Watson Electrical; 1st Place Winner, Gregory Philligin II of Watson Electrical; 3rd Place Dane Abernathy of Starr Electric; 4th Place Timothy Kennedy of Starr Electric; 5th Place Jerry Wyrick of Watson Electrical

Hoyt Stephens, David Latour, Tom Headlee and Robert Spizzo at the contest

Jeff and Ron Hinson at the contest

Thank you to HDSupply and Ideal Tools for giving all of the contestants and alternates bags filled with many useful tools and items

Thank you to Matthew Cooper and David Inman of Klein Tools for providing Klein Pliers with the contest name and date imprinted on them for each of the contestants and alternates
45 Thank you to Cummins Atlantic for donating the 2nd Place Generator

Special Thanks to John Dixon of National Power for donating the Grand Prize Generator. Shown is John Dixon of National Power congratulating winner Gregory Philligan with the Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry.